Conferences 2014 | Кафедра ТЕХНОЛОГІЇ ЛІКІВ НФАУ

Conferences 2014

Ist International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference

«Technological and biopharmaceutical aspects of developing of drugs with different orientation of action»

7-8 November 2014

At the Department of Drug Technology and

at the Industrial Technology of Drugs Department

National University of Pharmacy

Ukraine, Kharkiv was carried out


Branches of conference

• Problems and prospects of developing of drugs with different orientation of action (therapeutic and cosmetic, homeopathic and veterinary).
• Modern technology of extemporal drugs.
• Optimization of technological processes, of drugs developing in different medicinal forms.
• Technology and Quality Control of
perfumes and cosmetics.
• Information technology and automation of scientific research in drug development.
• Developing of nutraceuticals and other medical product.
• Research and standardization of bioactive compounds.
• Organizational and economic aspects of the pharmaceutical enterprises in today’s
• Marketing researches in pharmacy.
• Pharmacological researches of biologically active substances.
• Nanotechnology in pharmacy.
• Modern Biotechnology.



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